The Power Of Fate

It has been almost six months since I packed up my life in Pennsylvania and moved to New Jersey. I remember thinking to myself “How hard can it be?” and downplaying the move as if I was going to be down the street rather than almost two hours away. It didn’t seem like it would really be a big deal, and I doubted that anything in my life would change for the most part. After all, post-grad plans have a way of scattering everyone all over.

I often find myself thinking about how different my life would be if I hadn’t made the decision to start over in a new area, knowing absolutely no one. Most of my friends are still in the Philadelphia area, so I sometimes wonder how different my relationships with them would be if I had I chosen to live nearby. I find myself thinking about what kind of job I would be working, if I would like it, and so on.

Overall, I realized that I spend a lot of time wondering “What if?” as if it really makes a difference. Why do I waste so much of my time thinking about what my life could have been like? My life isn’t in Pennsylvania, and it’s certainly not going to be anytime soon. I’m perfectly content with my life in New Jersey, so why am I still so caught up on might-have-beens of living back at home?

If you would have asked me one year ago if I think I would find myself in the situation I am now, I would have told you that you’re crazy. I had no intentions of moving to a different state and living on my own, yet here I am. But why? How? I believe fate brought me here.

Fate is more powerful than you think. It strikes against odds and changes our lives in ways that we never imaged it could. It cancels old plans and makes new ones. It forces you to say goodbye to people who have been in your life for years, and hello to complete strangers. It silently influences our decisions and drives our passions. Fate keeps us on our toes and forces us to expect the unexpected.

I may not know where I’ll be in six months from today, but I know fate has it under control. Life has its twists and turns, but I’m a firm believer that those unforeseen moments are somewhat planned in the eyes of fate. As cliche as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. Every struggle you endure serves a larger purpose. Every decision you make will impact your future. Every person who comes in and out of your life will undoubtedly change the way you see the world around you.

Fate ensures that all of the things that happen in your life teach you something. I believe that in the end, these lessons are what shape who we are, and who we’re destined to become.

Going forward, I vow to not be consumed by “What if?” thoughts and speculations. Fate, my journey is in your hands.


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