An Ode To Vine

My dearest Vine,

I remember when I first heard about your mobile app. I was in college, during the days when Instagram was still relatively new and Snapchat Stories didn’t exist. My friends are I turned to you as a way of documenting brief moments of our college shenanigans with each other. We laughed as we watched each other’s videos in our feeds the next day, reliving glimpses of our blurry nights before.

As time went on, you quickly became more popular than we ever expected it to be. When Snapchat Stories became a thing, my friends and I quickly changed the way we used to you. We no longer posted our own “hilarious” content; instead, we shared other people’s hilarious content with each other. With your newfound “revine” capability, you transformed the way the world consumed video. Our feeds expanded from following a few friends to following hundreds of celebrities, brands, cute animal videos, and much more.


Your six seconds made you, well – you. I never had the attention span to sit through a 5 minute YouTube video, or the time to dig through millions of videos on the internet for a pick-me-up. All I had to do was open you and scroll, knowing I was guaranteed countless laughs. I can’t thank you enough for that, Vine. As if this wasn’t enough, you made it easy for me to share these hilarious clips with my friends. With something as simple as as tagging them in a comment or “revining” a video to my page, I was able to make other people smile, too.

You started movements, Vine. You gave normal, everyday people a voice. You made them comedians. You showed us all that you don’t need a nice camera or editing equipment to make a video that people will love – all you need is a little creativity and a smartphone. Often times, the most popular videos were made by people just like me, which just made them all the more remarkable. Your users were able to share mini moments of their lives with the entire world, and that was truly amazing.

From “Fre Shavacado” to “What Are Those”, your users’ trending content sparked the interest of millions of viewers, which ultimately only lead to more creative and hilarious spinoff videos being uploaded to you every day. It didn’t take long before I was scrolling through you every night before bed just to catch up on the latest trending Vines. That bedtime ritual is without a doubt going to be missed.

While seeing you go is a hard pill for me to swallow, I’m thankful for all that you’ve given me.

Thank you for being different, Vine. Your unique platform provided me hours of entertainment from just brief, 6-second videos, and that is quite extraordinary.

Thank you for inspiring everyday people, Vine. Your simple, easy-to-use app inspired people everywhere to share their own content, which only made your selection of videos that much larger.

Thank you for the laughs, Vine. From funny animal videos and embarrassing moments to sarcastic comedians and celebrities, you had it all.

In a short matter of time, your mobile app will cease to exist, but the videos from it will live on elsewhere on the internet forever.

With Love,

An Avid Vine User


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