5 Misconceptions About Post-Grad Life

I know, I write a lot about my life after college…. But if I’m being honest, it’s worth writing about. You see a million articles about what to expect during four years of college, and next to nothing about what life is like after.

For this reason, I had a lot of skewed perceptions about it myself. When I pictured my post grad life 6 months ago, I envisioned myself living at home with my parents, commuting 45+ minutes every morning (if I was lucky enough to have a job to commute to), and being lazy all weekend to make up for the lack of sleep I got during the week. Sounds pretty awful if you ask me.

The good news? I was wrong. I live by myself, commute 20 minutes to work, and almost always have plans on the weekends. The bad news? A lot of soon-to-be grads probably envision the same thing I did.

So, I’m here to squash those misconceptions about post-grad life and hopefully scare all of you almost-adults a little less.

Post-Grad Misconception #1 – You won’t like your first job. This is a personal issue, but for the most part, disliking your first job is completely avoidable. Don’t apply to jobs just for the sake of applying! Take your time and research not only the position you’re applying for, but also the company, the current employees, and the culture. If you’re just as picky about accepting a job offer as employers are about giving them out, you’ll end up working at a job you actually like.

Post-Grad Misconception #2 – You will have to live at home to save money. Also a bit personal, but if you want something, you’ll find a way to make it work. You don’t HAVE to do anything; you’re a full-blown adult now. While it might be more financially responsible to live at home (there’s nothing wrong with that), you can make it work if you’re smart about budgeting when you move out. If you’re positive you don’t want to live at home, find other things you can cut back on to save money for your living expenses.

Post-Grad Misconception #3 – You’re officially “washed up.” If you’re like me and just graduated, you’re 22 years old. You are by no means “old” or “washed up”; you’re just beginning your adult life! Being an adult does not mean that you can’t do a lot of the same things you did in college, it just comes with a newfound sense of responsibility. Go out to a bar. Meet new people. Try new things and be spontaneous. Don’t diminish yourself by using a term like “washed up.”

Post-Grad Misconception #4 – By the time the weekend rolls around, you’ll be too exhausted to do anything. If you make exciting plans BEFORE the weekend hits, you’ll find yourself getting more and more excited as the week goes on. If you work a typical 9am-5pm job, the weekend is basically the only time you have to do whatever it is you want, so you’re going to want to make the most of it. Get enough sleep during the week so by the time it’s Friday night, you’re ready to go.

Post-Grad Misconception #5 – It sucks. This one is 95% mental. If you’re unable to come to terms with the fact that you’re no longer a college student, this misconception might actually become a reality. However, if you’re able to focus on your future plans, goals, and career aspirations, you’ll find that post-grad life doesn’t actually suck at all. After all, having a steady income is a beautiful thing.


Go into post-grad life with an open mind, and you’ll thank yourself later.


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