Snapchat Memories: My Biggest Issue With The Update

I’m sure you’re all well aware – Snapchat has made a huge change. “Memories” is a new feature on the app designed to allow users to archive photos and videos right within Snapchat. These “memories” can then be shared at a later time on users’ Snapchat Story, or in a message directly. Generally speaking, this new feature allows users to upload content from outside of the app for the first time in its history.

I guess it was only a matter of time before Snapchat hopped on the bandwagon with the other apps of its kind; however, I have to say that part of the reason I’m a huge fan is because I know everything I’m seeing is happening now (or at least within the past 24 hours). When I check my friends’ Snapchat Stories, I’m doing so because I know if I don’t, I may never see whatever it is they’re posting. It’s this sense of urgency that drives me to check and use the app multiple times a day.

Yes – I know that Memories will be distinguished from other snaps, even in my friends’ Stories. For example, if my friend posts a video from a concert that she saved to her Memories, I’ll know when she reposts it to her story based on the way it looks that it hasn’t happened “live” within the last 24 hours. To be honest, this is the main reason that I’m not upset with the new update. This feature protects the original idea behind Snapchat being made up of live, short-lived content, which is exactly why I like it so much.SnapchatDownload-600x338

Okay, so here’s where it gets complicated – sure, I don’t personally love the idea or overall concept of Memories, but I definitely don’t hate it either. The only genuine issue I have with the update is its button. That’s right – the once “Save to Camera Roll” button has been replaced by a “Save to Memories” button. In my book, this is a huge issue. I’m an avid Snapchatter, taking pictures of any and everything throughout my day. Naturally, a lot of the pictures I’m taking I like and want to quickly save for later, whether it be for personal use or for use on other social networks.

With this new feature, I’m clicking the same “save” button, thinking that these photos are going to my Camera Roll, when in reality, they’re getting lost in my Memories, which I don’t even use anyway (by choice, of course). So when I go to my Camera Roll a few hours or days later looking for the pictures I saved from Snapchat, they’re not there. Confused, I soon remember they’re in my Memories. I have to then go back to Snapchat, go to my Memories, and export all of the images I want to my Camera Roll. Can you say annoying? I can – especially since most of the time, I’m saving pictures in the app due to filters or geotags that I want applied to my snap. You simply can’t recreate these features with the iPhone camera, folks.

So Snapchat, you want to add Memories to your app? No problem in my book. I personally say go for it if it’ll benefit people, even if that person isn’t me. After all, I don’t have to use it to still enjoy the basic features of your app, and I thank you for that. But please, make two different saving buttons or something…

… I can’t be the only person thinking this is an issue can I?


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