I Am More Than My Resume

When applying for jobs, I’m always reminded to “attach my resume.” Resumes have become a staple among young professionals searching for full-time employment. A resume is a first impression; a way of making yourself sound good on paper, essentially.

If you take a step back and think about it, it makes sense – obviously employers don’t know you, and a resume is a good start in terms of your professional, relevant experience. For this reason, I don’t have a problem with the overall concept of a resume at all. While I think resumes are a good start, I think at the same time that I’m so much more than just that.

I’m more than a crisp, perfected, white piece of paper. I’m more than the numbers that make up my GPA, or my other academic achievements. I’m more than my internship experiences and additional “skills” that may be applicable to a given position. Sure, these things are all important, but they don’t define who I am as an individual.Resume

I am more than my resume. I’m so many other “things” that don’t fit on a piece of paper. These “things” that make up who I am may not be considered “resume material”, but that doesn’t make them any less important. In order to understand who I am as an individual, you need to get to know the real me, not the resume me. Unfortunately, in many cases potential employers don’t get to see anything else but my resume, and it makes me upset to think about that.

In the end, you can sound like a million bucks on your resume and end up being a huge let down in person. You can sound average on your resume and end up exceeding everyone’s expectations in person. There’s just no way of telling, which is exactly my point. There are plenty of amazing individuals in this world who may not even get a first round interview because no one took the time to look at their resume, or someone did and just threw it in a pile with thousands of others with the point of no return.

I am, and we all are, more than our resumes. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you differently.




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