Are The Girls On ‘The Bachelor’ Really Crazy?

Assuming you don’t live under a rock, you know that tonight was the season premier of The Bachelor featuring Ben Higgins. Typically the first episode of every season is always a shit show, and season 20 certainly did not disappoint. 640_Bachelor_Ben_Higgins

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the premise of the show is simple: beautiful women compete for the heart of one man, who in turn is expected to propose to the woman of his choice at the end of the season. While these women are beautiful, they’re not all… Well, normal.

For example, this season’s first episode seemingly had it all – a set of twins, a miniature horse, a hoverboard, a giant rose, a risqué football catch, a girl who drank too much wine – you name it, and it has been done. While it’s obvious that the women want to make a lasting first impression on the ever-so-hunky bachelor, to what extent are they serious? They have to be crazy.

I know – “crazy” sounds harsh, and as a woman I don’t like being called it myself… However, I can’t help but stare blankly at the television screen multiple times thinking, “Wow, these girls are crazy.” But when I take a step back, I feel the need to remind myself that reality television is not real, and many of these women may be put up to taking on these “crazy” personas by producers.

Do I think some women genuinely may have wanted to make an extreme entrance on the show for attention? Yes. But, do I also think some women may have been suggested to do particular things that they did not want to do to make good television? Absolutely.

Certain aspects of the show are inevitable. Women will get upset. Women will get jealous. Women will talk behind the backs of their fellow contestants.

But other aspects are controlled. Producers may stir up drama. Producers may turn women against each other. Producers may edit footage to appear one way rather than another.

It’s through this process that many of these women are deemed as “crazy” when in reality, a lot of what we see has been manipulated for entertainment purposes. While we’re unarguably entertained, we tend to forget about the long hours of casting, filming, editing, and producing that go into the final product.

While I love The Bachelor, I think it’s important to look closely at the “real” in “reality” because it’s certainly not always easy to find. After all, “crazy” is a hell of a generalization to make when we know next to nothing about these women… Just sayin’.


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