Why Filters Actually Matter On Instagram

“I don’t know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia – I wanna look tan.”

As superficial as it sounds, the “#Selfie” queen may have been up to something – research has found that the filter you choose to your on Instagram photo can influence its likeability.

So how does one go about making such an important filter decision? Instagram_Filters_2011

For all of you “no filter” photographers out there, you may want to reconsider. Recent research has found that “filtered photos are 21% more likely to be viewed” and “45% more likely to receive comments.” However, not all filters are equal – warmer filters are more popular than cooler ones. Higher contrast and exposure can also lead to more views.

Not buying it? Well, you should – it’s actually tied back to psychology. The research correlates “with psychological studies of color: Warm tones such as red and yellow can elicit feelings of arousal and cheerfulness.”  Your brain actually second handedly associates these colors with positive emotions – which can easily influence likes and comments.

If you’re looking for specific examples of filters, Mayfair, Rise, Valencia, Hefe, Nashville, Lark, Slumber, and Aden are solid choices for maximizing engagement.

While filters can drastically impact the amount of engagement you receive on a photo, they aren’t the only thing people notice. Take into consideration other aspects of your photo such as saturation, brightness, and empty space. Filters can certainly enhance your photo; however it’s important to consider all of the other technical photography aspects as well.

So keep calm and filter on – may your selfie game be strong.


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