Women: Stop Blaming Bad Relationships on Our Generation

Recently I’ve noticed an influx of dating articles being shared in my newsfeed (primarily by women) that shed a negative light on today’s relationships. I’ve seen countless blog posts listing reasons “why things should be like the old days” and “why relationships fail nowadays,” and I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme: people like to blame our generation for everything.

For example, people love to point out how we’re buried in our cell phones and computers, and how these devices only cause more problems in our relationships. They love to reflect on “better times” when relationships were simpler, and when men had to “court” women rather than text them.

This infuriates me.

Yes, relationships are different now than they were years ago, but this is true of any generation. People like to focus on the negatives rather than the positives.

Do they forget how technology allows us to talk to our loved ones with the press of a button? Do they not realize how drastically it has changed the way we go about communicating in long distant relationships? Evidently so.

I’m willing to argue that being “born in a different decade” won’t solve any of the relationship problems you’re experiencing. I’ve found that a lot of women today settle, for numerous reasons. The real problem is not our generation or technology, it’s us.

Maybe we’ve become so adjusted to what’s been deemed as socially acceptable that we willingly put up with men who aren’t living up to the expectations we once had. Maybe the way the world has changed us as women, too.

Saying “all men neglect to do this” or “all men should be doing this” doesn’t change the fact that whomever you’re writing or thinking about as you read an article is failing to do whatever “this” is.

So stop crossing your fingers and sharing articles in hopes that the so-called “men” you’re dating will change. Stop settling for men who use our generation as an excuse for not making you a priority. Do not waste a minute on any man who doesn’t make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world every single day of your life.

Bad relationships aren’t a result of our generation – they’re a result of the way we’ve come to accept them.


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