I’m Just a College Student With a Blog

I’ve always loved to write, but finding something worth writing about can sometimes be a challenge. Then, once I do find something to write about, it’s hard to get people to find / read / share my content. Am I surprised? Not really – I’m just a college student with a subpar WordPress blog.

Today, I was looking into professional bloggers and the types of content that they write and share. While some bloggers certainly have their “niche”, others posted about a variety of topics. I found myself comparing the engagements of all of the blogs – the likes, the shares, the tweets, etc. I wanted to know what made some blogs more “popular” than others.

I ended up stumbling upon ShoeMoney.com, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t because the name enticed me. I read through a few of Jeremy’s articles, and eventually found a simple quote in “7 Multi-Millionaire Bloggers That Never Planned To Be & Their Secrets” that drastically changed the way I thought about blogging.

“Write like nobody is reading it.”

Excuse me…. what?! This entire time I’ve been purposefully trying to blog about relevant topics that I thought a lot of people would want to read about.

I was doing just the opposite – I was writing like everyone was reading my content, when in reality, no one was.

I’ve decided I’m making this post a pledge to ShoeMoney. I’m pledging to blog for one person – me. If people read my content – great – if not, I’m writing like nobody is reading it anyway. No loss here.

Sure, I might not be the next multi-millionaire blogger, but I’m on the right track, right?


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