The Perfecter Fusion Styler: Why It’s Worth The Hype

I’m basically a fail of a girl. I’m not good at doing my hair and makeup or picking out cute clothes, so when I’m presented with a product that could potentially make it easier for me to be good at any of these things, I hop on it.

My mom was watching QVC last night and a demonstration with the Calista Perfecter Fusion Styler was being shown. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Perfecter is a straightener, curling iron, AND round brush built into one product. Its ceramic barrel is designed to minimize damage, and the surrounding nylon teeth are safe to the touch, so no burning! QVC was selling the product for $100, which was a bit out of my price range…

Regardless, it all sounded way too good to be true, but I have to admit I was tempted the most by the “no burning” point; it’s physically impossible for me to curl my own hair without frying my fingers. I started reading reviews online and they seemed a bit mixed… so what was a girl to do? Try it myself.

Bed Bath & Beyond had it for $80, PLUS my mom’s 20% off coupon – way better than $100! When I brought it home, I started watching tutorials online to learn how to use it. Let me just preface this by saying the “anti-tangle” feature is not completely accurate in all cases – I got my hair stuck a solid 10 times before getting the hang of this damn thing. But once I did…. WOW. Easy, effortless curls and waves without ANY burnt fingers! My hair is super straight, so it was nice to see some body and shine to it for once without feeling like my ends were fried or fraying. The option to straighten your hair with it is nice too – even though my hair is straight naturally, it made it much more soft and full of volume.


I really hate to be like “OMG GO BUY THIS PRODUCT IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE” but honestly, that’s how I feel. It’s been less than 24 hours and it’s already changed mine.

If you do buy this product, just some final tips from yours truly:

1. Allocate time to learn how to use it. The Perfecter may take multiple attempts before you get the hang of it and you will get frustrated, so don’t use it for the first time 10 minutes before you’re going out for the night with your friends.
2. Don’t buy a generic version. I’m the queen of this because I never want to put out big bucks for the top brands, but BB&B had it cheaper than $100, plus you can use a coupon and return it if you don’t like it, even though you will.
3. Research the product. Look into different barrel sizes if you have shorter or longer hair. I used the standard 1” on mine, and I have thin, medium length hair.

Enjoy and happy styling!


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