Caitlyn Jenner Is So Important.

Everyone knows Bruce Jenner as an honorary member of the Kardashian clan, raising Kris’s girls at a young age after losing their biological father and having two children of his own. The ex-Olympian seemed to have it all – hell, the whole family did.

Season after season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians continued, but Bruce appeared to be more and more… Well, unhappy. Personally, I just thought he was annoyed with his pre-teen daughters, but I (like many others I’m sure) was very wrong.

Bruce admitted earlier this year that he has been dealing with a huge secret; he spoke out that he (for all purposes other than his actual sex) is a woman, and has been his entire life. Bruce shocked the public with his revelation of what at the time he only referred to as “She.” However, today on the cover of Vanity Fair, “She” was finally revealed as Caitlyn Jenner.

Thousands of posts flooded the Internet regarding the news of Caitlyn, including Caitlyn creating her own official Twitter and Facebook pages. Her Twitter account hit 1 million followers in under 5 hours – setting a new world record.

But why is this so important? There’s transgender people all over the world. There’s people who deal with this every day.

Why is this any different?

Exactly – it’s not. No one is alone in his or her journey, but so many people feel like they are. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc. etc. you’re not alone, and Caitlyn’s recent public support is a perfect example of this.

Caitlyn spent years of her life living a lie. She was unhappy. She felt alone and lost. She had nowhere to turn. Caitlyn knew at a very young age who she was on the inside, but she stayed trapped there.

I admire Caitlyn’s strength and bravery. Coming out isn’t easy for anyone, and it doesn’t get easier because you’re “older” or “more rich” or “famous” – it’s actually much harder. Caitlyn didn’t want to hurt her family or her children, so she kept quiet all this time.

I hope that others who are struggling with their gender identity feel empowered by Caitlyn and her story. She doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed or judged, and although this can’t be prevented, I hope that people will allow her to live her new life and be happy. That’s exactly what she deserves.

She’s not a “beautiful transgender woman.” She’s a beautiful woman. Caitlyn Jenner is a beautiful, strong, successful woman who is ready to take her new world by storm.

“As soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, I’m free,” Caitlyn expressed in the magazine’s interview.

Congratulations, Caitlyn, you’re free.


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