#MemorialDay Tweets Done Right

Memorial Day Weekend is celebrated by Americans as the kick-off to the summer season. However, often times we get caught up in the weekend’s excitement and forget the true purpose of Memorial Day; to honor those who died fighting while serving in our country’s armed forces.

For many businesses, the holiday provides them with a chance to get creative on social media using the #MemorialDay hashtag, but where do we draw the line? Consumers have personal connections to Memorial Day while not all businesses do, and it’s important for online marketing campaigns to keep in mind the somber meaning behind the holiday.

Unfortunately, in many cases the true meaning is lost due in attempts to produce a “popular” post associated with their own brand, or to emphasize the “fun” activities and traditions associated with the weekend. It’s important not to fall into this trap – honoring Memorial Day helps establish your credibility and show potential customers that you share the same values with them.

So how do you remain relevant while still remaining respectful?

Hashtags are great for engaging users with your content, but ultimately your brand strategies should fall second to the true meaning of #MemorialDay. This makes it harder to get creative; however, sometimes something simple can be just as effective.

For example, CNN iReport’s tweet was short and sweet, but still appropriate. Using the hashtag #MemorialDay, their tweet was able to be seen by more than just their 200k+ followers, which created an opportunity for even more engagement. By encouraging people share their own personal experiences using their own hashtag #CNNremembers, CNN iReport incorporated their own brand into each individual feature. The account was able to start a creative conversation while still remaining respectful to the true meaning behind the holiday.

Ultimately, CNN iReport is responsible for sharing news, so they did not need to include people’s personal stories by any means; however, they chose to anyway – a key indicator that they truly care about the public and how they feel about Memorial Day. Well done!


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