Penn State Hate: It Needs To Stop

It’s rare of me to write two blog posts back-to-back on such similar topics, but the amount of hatred I’ve experienced in the past two days couldn’t go unspoken of.

Ever since Penn State’s sanctions were lifted (which included the bowl ban and lack of scholarships for football players), I’ve seen countless ignorant posts from people everywhere – including quite a few from people that graduated from my high school. Not only are most of their statements inaccurate, they’re also completely out of line and irrelevant.

I have several points I want to get across, but instead of boring you with a longwinded essay, I’ll keep this rant short and sweet.

• The decision was made by the NCAA not our university – and yet Penn State is still being criticized for not “thinking of the victims during this time.” We ultimately were not the ones who made the decision to have the sanctions lifted. Naturally we’re excited about it, but this excitement should not be related in any way to disregarding the victims.

Educate yourself before you speak. I’ve seen so many ridiculous comments made in regard to the scandal, Sandusky, and Joe Paterno that are simply inaccurate. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion on the matter; however, everyone should make sure they understand the facts before they make an irrational remark.

• In relation to the previous point, Joe Paterno was more than a football coach. Not everyone who defends him does so just because of his impressive wins, and a lot of people don’t defend him at all. Either way, he did a lot for this university other than just things football related, so before claiming that Paterno was “just a coach who won a lot of games that we all bow down to,” think again.

• Disliking Penn State is a personal choice, but ultimately, it shouldn’t matter. If you dislike Penn State and don’t go here, there’s no reason to talk about it. I constantly feel like it’s an endless cycle of students from other colleges always having something to say about Penn State… But for what reason? We’re colleges students, let’s all just be mature and get along.

• The rally was a rally – NOT a riot. It was intended to celebrate the lifting of the bowl ban in way that the student body could unite and it did. Many students here tend to get excited about anything and everything football related, but that doesn’t mean that you can clump all of us together and make generalizations. I personally chose not to attend the rally and still have mixed feelings about the entire thing… Regardless, nothing bad came out of it.

• Making a joke about Penn State with anything along the lines of rape is sick and disgusting, not to mention disrespectful. Stop doing it.

I don’t think the hatred against Penn State will ever go away altogether, but I hope people can understand why as a student body we’re excited about the sanctions being lifted. We’ve been through a lot as a university over the past three years, and I just wish that people would appreciate that in light of everything else. 


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