Vine’s New Import Feature: How The App Is Stepping Up Its Game

Vine, an app that allows users to record and share six-second videos, has recently made a huge change to its old ways. Prior to the new update, users were only able to record the videos directly in the app itself, meaning they could not upload any videos from their camera roll that they had previously recorded.

Users are now able to import existing videos and edit them all through the Vine app. Some of the editing options include a mute feature, a new preview feature, and a duplication feature. The app now also gives users more control over the technical aspects of their videos with additional tools such as grids and levels. Slow-motion videos recorded with the iPhone 5S are supported as well. 

But what will all of these features ultimately do for Vine? Will more users take to the app because of all the new bells and whistles? Vine-logo

A lot of users took to Instagram when the 15-second video feature became available since Vines were shorter and did not have the ability to import existing videos…

It’s hard to predict the future of Vine, but I think it’s safe to say that all of these additional updates will only help them, not hurt them. Giving users more control over what / how they post will only enhance their experience, and it’s clear based on these changes that Vine understands that.

I’m not sure what the app has planned regarding potentially lengthening their videos, but personally I think the 6-second cap should remain the same. Despite the limit, the Vine community has created countless creative and entertaining videos, which I think will only get better as time goes on. The feature definitely makes the app unique, and it shows through its content.

I personally love Vine, and based on these changes I think they’re on the route to long-term success.


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