Tag You’re It – New App Makes Meeting Up Easier Than Ever

We can’t all naturally have a good sense of direction, but thankfully we don’t have to. Our smartphones can easily provide us with maps and step-by-step instructions to our destination with the click of a button.

While “dropping a pin” is a common way of directing others to your exact location, it can be confusing and unreliable. The good news is, there’s a much simpler option: Tag.

Tag allows you to privately share your location, a message, and a picture or video all in one simple step. It’s similar to Snapchat, but it actually serves a purpose; Tag makes it easy to meet up by providing a map with the option to get directions to the specified location via Google MapsBmaFttPCcAEIId6

Tag even gives you control over making your location as specific or as vague as you’d like. For example, you can choose to provide the exact address and location, or just the name of city you’re in. Your friends receive your tags individually, so there’s no need to worry about strangers being able to access your location.

Many of you may be thinking: “But what would I use this for?” Truthfully, the options are endless.

Meeting up with friends after class? Send them a Tag.
Got separated from your friends after leaving the bar? Send them a Tag with nearby landmarks to make finding each other easier.
Got a sweet tailgating spot by the football stadium? Send your friends a tag so they can join the pregame festivities.
Want to make your friends jealous of all the fun you’re having at school? You guessed it – you can SEND THEM A TAG!

If you want to learn more about Tag, you can watch check out this video (which features some familiar Penn State faces). To download the app, search “Tag you’re it” in the App Store.

Happy tagging ☺


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