My Tribute To Robin Williams

To this day, I still remember begging my mom to rewind the VHS over and over just so I could watch Aladdin or Flubber one more time. Remembering such a minor detail like this in itself is impressive.

Why? I was so young. I wasn’t even born when Aladdin was released and I was just four years old when Flubber came out in 1997. It’s amazing to think that I can still recognize songs and lines from these movies even though I haven’t watched them in years. Unknown

When I heard the news about Robin Williams passing away a few days ago, I was just as shocked as everyone else. I thought about the movies I had seen that he was in and how talented he was. It was all honestly just hard to believe.

I knew Robin had many other more prominent roles in movies and television than just Aladdin and Flubber, but I hadn’t seen a lot of them. As I realized this, I was even more taken back by my sorrow.

I didn’t know this man personally. Hell, I hadn’t even seen half his work. He was a celebrity who lived in a world so different from mine. Different, but ultimately the same.

The impact Robin had on my childhood may seem minor, but it’s something I cherish. He made me laugh as the characters he played came alive on my screen. Fifteen years later and his characters are still vivid in my mind to this day.

Robin is no longer with us and I’m no longer the 90’s kid rewinding Disney VHS tapes, but not everything has changed.


…I can still sing along to every word in “Friend Like Me.”


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