Junior Year – The Best Is Yet To Come

As I was creating this blog, I couldn’t help but be shocked every single time I had to describe myself as a “junior at Penn State.” It feels like just yesterday that I was in my 17-year-old sister’s shoes – just starting to fill out my college applications.

As I took a step back to think about it, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed. I’m entering my junior year. Junior year. I’m more than halfway through my college experience, which is incredibly scary.

But the more I dwelled on the fact that I am about to be a junior, the more excited I became, and naturally the more excited I became, the more I started to look into exactly how many days / hours / minutes are left before I’m back in Happy Valley.

I guess you could say I made the right choice picking a college.

Regardless, all of this excitement inspired me to make a list of 10 things I want to do / achieve / improve upon during my junior year. Sharing these goals on my blog will allow me to follow up on my achievements and in a sense “document” them as they happen.

They are as follows:

1. Join a THON committee
2. Get an internship
3. Join a new club / organization
4. Take advantage of my professors’ office hours (GO!)
5. Stay until the alma mater is sung at the end for EVERY home football game
6. Learn a new dinner recipe (and make it without burning it)
7. Keep up with this blog as frequently as my academic schedule permits
8. Maintain a budget for extra curricular spending (food, activities, etc.)
9. Reach 100 Twitter followers (@kmk5753)
10. Make Dean’s List (again) both semesters

I can’t wait to see what my junior year has to offer for me in just 12 days – the best is yet to come!


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